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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lakehouse Lunkers

I Love A Bath
A bath! A bath! I love a bath!
In water clear or churning foam,
In mountain lake 'neath natural dome.
Oh, yeth! Oh, yeth! I love a bath!
I love them big, and, even thmall.
A Large Mouth Bath ith betht of all!
Copyright - Gordon Hand

Our friend, Grace and family came on a cold weekend, but, warmed up to the lake in short order. She had a nice workout lifting catfish.

Carlee kisses the fish and turns it into a handsome prince.

James' catfish "keeper"! A fish that dreams are made of!

Braden told his friends that he fought this fish, and caught him through skill and cunning. That's my grandson! He has the makings a "fine" fisherman!

Take your pick! Either will feed a "good sized" family.

At the lake there is something for everybody. Swimming, fishing, boating, or just good old fashioned "goofing off". We have perfected that last one.

Jared Johnson - He never has any fun!

Jared, Cameron and Braden with catfish catch of the morning.

Gordon and James, one foggy morning in January. Largemouth Bass and Catfish aplenty.

Boyd Ricks caught his first Largemouth. We will never forget our good friends who finished school, and, moved away far too soon.

There is always one in every crowd (or flock)! The white duck thinks he's a Mallard.

What rewarding times we have had at the lakehouse with our family and friends. We thank all of you for the terrific memories.

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