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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Willie & Ellen Pecchia Family

Andrew (A Keeper)
Our friends, Willie and Ellen, live near Boise, Idaho. Willie loves the outdoors, and is instilling that love into his children. These photos are from recent fishing expeditions. Andrew, above is about ready for his own fishing pole. Willie may have already gotten him one.

Joshua gets a closeup look at a Kokanee Salmon. Joshua is a very intelligent young man, who loves to read.

Ellen tolerates Willie's bringing stringers of fish into thehouse.

Anything to get to the camera. That's a nice stringer of fish!

Almost dinner!

Caprial knows how to pick up a fish without touching it.

Saeli takes the more direct approach.

She would do anything to please dad.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dalton and Chelsie Jackson Action

Dalton and Chelsie were great partners at the Carters' dock. They caught some fish, had some fun, and stayed up late.
Dalton's Grouper

Sailors' Choice

Scruffy got in on the action.

Chelsie caught lots of Rockfish.

She caught the first fish of the night.

She is quite the outdoors girl.

She can't guite pucker up
like the fish can, though.

Brother and sister, and friends, too.

It was a night to build memories.
Thank you, Dalton and Chelsie. It was fun!