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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ethan Finds a New Home - 2008

You can never replace the joy of an adventure with your only son. What made the event even more memorable was having his son, my second grandson, there, to enjoy a rugged land. It was great being with Ethan as he experienced Alaska for the first time. After a day of fishing for Pink Salmon in Valdez, he phoned his mom to advise her that he wanted to move to Alaska.

We camped at King For A Day campground in the Copper Valley. The Sockeye Salmon were late on their run up the river, so we drove to Valdez, for a tremendous fishing time.

Pinks were plentiful. Catching them is always fun, because they are so aggressive. We could have, easily, caught hundreds of them while we were there.

Ethan caught the biggest, and probably, the most. He is, already, a very good fisherman. His dad has taught him very well.

The Klutina River is beautiful from any perspective, near or far.

The view from the road, driving to Valdez, is awe-inspiring.

Bryan and Ethan became very skilled in the art of Pink Salmon fishing. They caught their limit and then just fished for fun.

Ethan seemed to have the talent of attracting the big ones. Maybe it was because he's just a "fishy" kind of guy.

Click on the picture to see the fish. Thousands of Pinks were in the river. If you can't catch them when they're this thick, then, you just can't catch fish.

When the run is intense, "combat fishing" is a necessity. These anglers along the bank at Allison Point were very friendly and helpful to one another.
The glaciers in Alaska are receding at an alarming rate. Global warming could be the cause; or, are we just in a natural weather cycle?
I guess, only time will tell.

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