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Sunday, November 23, 2008

My "Brother" in Alaska

Not only are we friends, we are as close as two brothers could ever be.

The mist from the waterfall makes the picture look out of focus, but this was a memorable sight on the way to Valdez.

Sunset at Ninilchik, Ak. God is an artist without equal.

James is a "Yes, I can!" person and a delight to travel with. We have "white watered" the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon (where we caught monster rainbows), slept under the stars atop the majestic Rocky Mountains, fished much of Alaska, New York, Georgia,Florida, Oklahoma and many other places too numerous to list. James is very generous with earth's bounty. Unconditionally, he gives of what he has and of himself.

Klutina River Sockeye - Copper Center, Alaska. The mighty Klutina River is reported to be the 3rd fastest moving river in the world.

Halibut aboard charter in Homer, Ak. Too heavy to lift for a proper picture.

"Your thoughts are my thoughts." Underway to the fishing grounds.

Our friend, Bob, a walking miracle, given up for dead on more than one occassion. He keeps on keepin' on.

A Ling Cod to be proud of. Teeth, Teeth, Teeth! But, Tasty, Tasty, Tasty! Seward

Thank you, James, for always being there. You are a friend like no other. You are my brother.

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Tami said...

wow. I didn't get any sappy stuff like that written on the post you did for me!