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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Lakehouse - More than Fishing

We share laughter, love and lazy living at the place where one day or one week always finds us wanting more.

Kendra "Cannonball" Baggerly - splashing all of the water out of the lake.
Beneath this old umbrella oak
We spin our yarns and tell our jokes,
Drink lemonade with country folk.
They drop by here to wish us well,
To grab a chair and sit a spell.
So, come my friend, we'll reminisce
About the bygone years we miss,
And simpler days of childhood bliss.
We'll fry hushpuppies, catfish, too.
We went last night and caught a few.
You know, we brag and stretch a bit,
About the size of fish we get.
But, it's alright. That's Southern wit!
What fun I've had and love I've felt
With poor folk from the "Bible Belt".
I think of all the Good Book said
About the fish, the loaves of bread,
And multitude the Savior fed.
If, only, they could come and share
Our shady spot, and grab a chair.
We'd make new friends beneath this tree.
The Lord would come, and we would see
His southern hospitality.
We common folk would all be fed,
When at His knee we'd break some bread.
I hate to hear you've got to go!
We sure enjoyed your visit, though.
Be careful on those muddy roads.
Your family's such a welcome sight.
Ya'll come again! God bless! Good night!
Copyright - Gordon Hand
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Tami said...

that's beautiful dad!

Papa&Mema said...

Nice collage, Tami! You need to teach me how to do that.

Tami said...

It just keeps getting better!