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Friday, May 29, 2009

Honoring Granddaddy Stephens

Six years ago, this month, Granddaddy Stephens' life on earth ended. We celebrate his memory. We celebrate his legacy. Visit this post over the next few weeks. It will be dedicated to him.

Traci, Granddaddy Stephens, Tami
My Fishin' Buddy
My fishin' buddy called today,
And left this message, just for me.
"I'll come a six without delay,
So please be ready, if you're free."
He brings the drinks and goodies, too.
We stay out late, sometimes till three.
The moonlight fishing that we do
Renews the body and the soul,
And lifts our spirits when we're blue.
With tackle boxes and our poles,
We act like kids into the night,
There, at our favorite fishin' hole.
We don't tell lies, but, stretch we might,
If what we're catchin' looks too small.
Those little fish are quite a sight
When fishin' buddies' tales are tall.
The minnows that we caught last spring
Are monsters in our minds this fall.
My fishin' buddy is a king,
A cherished friend, a noble man.
His praises, I will always sing.
Because of him my joy began.
His daughter is my catch, you know.
I thank him every time I can.
My buddy fishes like a pro
When catching catfish or a shad,
What's more, with all the Faith he shows,
He seems to me, just like a dad.
I'm thankful, and I love him so,
The father that I never had.
Happy Father's Day, Tommy.
Families and Memories Are Forever.
Copyright - Gordon Hand - 2002
Kayla, Gordon (Papa), and Granddaddy, Tommy Stephens with his big Red Fish.