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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Fishing Pole Needed!!

This video from the web was just too funny not to have all my fishing friends see it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

In south Florida, during my teens, I did experience this phenomenon to a lesser extent. When I was working on a dredge boat during the summer to raise money for school, a friend and I took one of our small boats up a narrow canal at night and had mullet jump into our boat the same way, but, it would take about five minutes to get ten fish.

Beach House Memories

Beach house memories are not complete without recalling the many, many seining parties we had with family and friends. I cherish the memories of the times we had on the beach. Many people did lose their nerve, though, when the movie, Jaws, made its debut. Night seining was impossible to organize after that.

The seine always seemed lighter after a successful outing of catching fish while pulling it through the surf.

Billie and I caught these fish in the net. As usual, there was some clowning around taking her picture with Bryan and the fishing pole. Bryan loved the beach as a toddler. He was too small to pull the net, but not afraid to get the fish out of it. Most of the fish in the grass are Sheepshead and Drum.


Jared, showing Papa how it's done.

Jared, telling mom how it's done.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Going Part of Fishing

GOING fishing is sometimes as exciting as actually fishing. You never know what you will encounter on the trip, especially in Alaska.

A little diversion at an ice cream parlor after a long day of casting is always a good thing, especially when your companion is top notch.


In Pulaski, New York, one of the local residents always has this lifesize doll dressed and out by the highway. Sometimes she is Marilyn Monroe, sometimes a mermaid, or maybe a gypsy. Fishermen and tourist often stop to have their picture made with this bit of americana.


In Alaska, beauty is not hard to find. Tami's natural beauty blends right in.


In Seward, there is a sealife center worth visiting. This is a sea lion in their very large aquarium. It's like being underwater without getting wet.

Orcas are plentiful and playful in Alaska, and seem to be attracted to fishing boats.

When fish are everywhere, sea lions are often seen doing what sea lions do. Eating fish! They, occasionally, make a game of it.

This road sign was at Allison Point, in Valdez. Every day around 5 pm a bear would come out of the woods across the road from the parking lot, find a stringer of fish unattended in the back of a pickup truck, and drag them back into the woods. We heard of no one challenging him.

When sights like this are encountered, fishing can wait for just a little while. Bridal Veil Falls, one of many by that name in our country, is right beside the road on the way to Valdez. Click on the photo to see the smiles on Bryan's and Ethan's face, and to feel like you are actually there.