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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cameron in Alaska - 2009


Tami said...

I love the pictures.I think you took my picture in that same field of purple flowers. How did you get thst fish to balance on Cameron's head? I really like some of the scenery pictures. You have a good eye for photography dad.

Traci said...

I like the pictures papa. It was fun going there with you. Thanks for a great trip! Love Cameron (ps- you spelled my name wrong)
Are you practicing dominoes?

Gordon said...

Cameron, I don't have a Domino game, but I'm gonna get one. You are dead meat when we play again.
Sorry about the spelling. I am old like dirt, now.
Tami, it was just a matter of positioning him several times as I took the shot. I still didn't get it right, but, I did try.
I have a good eye for daughters, too. There's none better than you.

~JarieLyn~ said...

These are great photos. I especially like the ones of the bears playing in the water, and looking at the boat through the tree trunk. I almost feel like I've invaded your privacy by looking at these pictures.

Will and Ellen Pecchia said...

Will needs you to visit our blog so he can show you up with the Kokanee we caught.