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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dalton and Chelsie Jackson Action

Dalton and Chelsie were great partners at the Carters' dock. They caught some fish, had some fun, and stayed up late.
Dalton's Grouper

Sailors' Choice

Scruffy got in on the action.

Chelsie caught lots of Rockfish.

She caught the first fish of the night.

She is quite the outdoors girl.

She can't guite pucker up
like the fish can, though.

Brother and sister, and friends, too.

It was a night to build memories.
Thank you, Dalton and Chelsie. It was fun!

1 comment:

Patty said...

I thought I would pop over and see what was happening on this blog. You know it is so depressing looking at all those fish.

We just can't catch fish. Everyone else can catch fish, even Scruffy - but not us. And in a bay full of fish that is pretty sad.

Beautiful grandchildren. I love the way the light hit one of those fish, making it glow.

Have a great Tuesday. I am going to clean house and try to do a little more catching up.