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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Carters' Dock II

As I think back on nights of fishing with family and friends at Vilano Beach Inlet, I am grateful for the adventures we had and the love we shared at the Carters' dock.

James Preslar is in the greatest fight of his life, battling pancreatic cancer. I have never known anyone else with the determination and drive he has, even in the face of his hardship. We caught these three Redfish (along with many other smaller fish) in the evening, after he had gone through chemo-therapy earlier in the day.

Kendra landed the biggest of the few octopi we have ever caught with hook and line. As you can tell, the octopus is not on her top ten favorites list.

Teancum (our great nephew) landed this Spotted Sea Trout which he immediatetly named, "My Monster Trout". He is thirteen now, and still refers to it by that name.........and, of course it has grown to twenty five pounds. I taught him that if he didn't allow his fish continue to grow, even after he ate them, he would never become a great fisherman. His training is ahead of schedule!

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Tami said...

that is a nasty looking octopus! our prayers are with Brother Preslar.