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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beach House Memories

Beach house memories are not complete without recalling the many, many seining parties we had with family and friends. I cherish the memories of the times we had on the beach. Many people did lose their nerve, though, when the movie, Jaws, made its debut. Night seining was impossible to organize after that.

The seine always seemed lighter after a successful outing of catching fish while pulling it through the surf.

Billie and I caught these fish in the net. As usual, there was some clowning around taking her picture with Bryan and the fishing pole. Bryan loved the beach as a toddler. He was too small to pull the net, but not afraid to get the fish out of it. Most of the fish in the grass are Sheepshead and Drum.


Jared, showing Papa how it's done.

Jared, telling mom how it's done.


Tami said...

My boy (Jared) looks so tiny! I'm going to see if I can pull up a picture of Traci in her swimsuit!!
Traci email me tose pictures I don't have them.

Woody said...

Got your email, Nice to meet ya sailor!! Yes I love fishing, meeting people.

Take Care!!!


Traci said...

Those pictures sure bring back memories of the beach house every summer. I always liked the challenge of picking up the big blue crabs. I remember when you guys pulled in the net I would run all up and down the net to see what we caught. Or that last little pull to get it on shore and out of the water, I remember having to jump fast out of the way. Also when people passing by, walking along the beach would look in our buckets and say Wow. I think I stood up a little taller thinking "yep, we caught all that!"