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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lamar Became A Star - 2008

Billie made the long drive to New York with me in 2008. It was the first time I have ever had her at my side on a long distance fishing adventure. We were delighted to have our niece, Megan, come along. We picked Lamar up at the Syracuse airport. Billie and Megan did not participate in fishing, but, they had a great time exploring and encouraging Lamar and me to catch the big ones.

Some stretches of the Salmon River were a challenge to navigate in waders.

Where the river was wide it, virtually, called to those passing by, "Come, enjoy yourself!" And, many did.

In the main river, hooking-up was easy. Hooking-up and landing was a challenge. My nephew, Lamar had determination as he learned the ropes of the river. He is a fine fishing companion.

In the end he was rewarded for his can-do attitude.

We enjoyed our time together so much that we plan to do it again in 2009.
The sign says fishing's great, and, they never wet a hook! But, they are soul mates, forever.

Waterfalls are always an enjoyable diversion.
We caught BIG Kings in this little turn in the Orwell Brook.
Salmon River Falls, a jewel in the backwoods.
Yes, Billie will always be my greatest catch! She never says, "Don't go." to anything I want to do. My best friend, and eternal love is welcome to go with me, anytime!
What is Real?
After all the fishing's done,
And, I have had my fun,
Hand in hand we'll have a chat,
Of this and, then, of that.
Leaving rod and fishing reel,
I'll tell you how I feel.
"Nothing stands an inch above
Our never ending love."


Tami said...

That is a nice thing to write about mom. It is good for a daughter to hear her dad say such good things about her mama.
You know what you should do is dig up a few old saining pictures and scan them in! I think I have a few.

Papa Mema and Scruffy said...

The greatest thing I ever did for my children was choosing their mother. Dad

Traci said...

That almost brought a tear to my eyes. You are so good with words. What a romantic you are. (As long as you don't use the word ecstasy!-smile)